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Market Monitor: Personal Care

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Market Monitor: Personal Care

Making the right decisions for your business starts with having the most accurate and current information available. Our Personal Care Market Monitor keeps you up to date on the events, trends, and market forces that shape and guide the industry.

  • Due to inflationary pressure, rising interest rates, and general economic uncertainty, the transaction volume in the Personal Care sector decreased in 2022 and into 2023, as many buyers and investors are taking a “wait and see” approach.
  • Differentiated companies with unique product categories, distribution channels, and value propositions are attractive targets, despite strategic acquirers and financial investors being more selective in their pursuits. Examples include Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of Mielle Organics and Stride Consumer’s growth equity investment in Patrick Ta Beauty.
  • Private Equity groups are interested in contract manufacturers of Personal Care products because of their stable cash flows, scalability, and ability to mitigate brand risk. Examples include Knox Lane’s investment in Elevation Labs and Cornell Capital’s ongoing rollup via its Innovations in Nutrition and Wellness (INW) platform.

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