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Market Monitor: FLAvors & fragrances

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Making the right decisions for your business starts with having the most accurate and current information available. Our Flavors & Fragrances Market Monitor keeps you up to date on the events, trends, and market forces that shape and guide the industry.

The Allure of Flavors & Fragrances

Flavors & Fragrances companies are captivating strategic acquirers and private equity investors due to their loyal customer bases, enticing gross margins, and abundant growth prospects.

The Power of Flavors & Fragrances

Despite their minimal share in product costs, Flavors & Fragrances significantly influence consumer choices, resulting in high switching costs and formidable barriers to entry.

Key Attributes Driving Premium Valuations

Hexagon Capital Alliance has identified pivotal characteristics that attract interest and elevate valuations:

  1. Robust R&D Function: Technical expertise and a proficient team of certified flavorists drive innovation and product differentiation.

  2. Thriving End-Markets and Formats: Focus on high-growth segments like sports nutrition and better-for-you snacks, with expertise in sought-after formats such as functional gummies and RTD beverages.

  3. Appealing Gross Margins: Premium, tailored flavors command strong margins, bolstered by the inertia of high switching costs.

  4. Experience with Emerging Brands: Adaptability and agility to meet the evolving needs and swift market entry demands of emerging brands.

  5. Embracing Natural & Organic Trends: Predominantly featuring a portfolio of natural and/or organic flavors to align with the flourishing clean label movement.

  6. Robust Backlog: Proactive sales pipeline coupled with a surge in sample requests, underpinned by a stellar conversion track record.

  7. Manufacturing Capabilities: Versatile liquid and powder manufacturing capabilities, including spray drying, with ample capacity to facilitate expansion.

Embracing these attributes not only attracts interest but also enables Flavors & Fragrances companies to command premium valuations in the market.

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